January 19, 2006—

Well... just thought I would write on behalf of the Taiwan team.

We started out with Wisdom Search. We watched the first part in a series by Jeff Meyers on being a dynamic leader. Rowan followed the video by sharing several examples from Scripture on leadership, and who and what it is that God has called us too. God has designed each of us to be leaders in word, in conduct, and in purity that God's Word not be compromised. I was challenged to reevaluate the way I lead others, knowingly and unknowingly.

After Wisdom Search, we all met down in the lobby and walked over to a local department store to get something for lunch. I decided to be adventurous and tried teppenyaki (a fried cabbage, rice and beef dish.) Delish!. It was actually quite good!

Andy Davis teaching his team

Katherine Wu greeting the children

We then had the wonderful experience of making a fool of ourselves! We divided up into groups and "learned" a few phases in Chinese. We went to the Folklore museum armed with our phrases, (wo men tzi wan you shi, which translates into, "We are playing a game.") We then picked an item, and asked them in Chinese to tell us how to say it. We then had our picture taken with our newly acquired friend. ;-) Wow I never felt so stupid! Though it was a lot of fun and they loved laughing at our mistakes!

Then it was off to teacher training at the bi-lingual school. We all sat in these intsi winsy chairs at desks, which was cute for pictures, but a little uncomfortable… reminded us a little bit of our flight over… eProps to Kristi—no one fell asleep even though some of us are still suffering from jet lag! We were given our team assignments for the seminar, and then we walked the 1.6 KM (not sure how that translates into miles) and went to bed!

—Maria Martin
ATI Student from PA