January 22, 2006—

Right now we are all on the bus heading toward Kaohsiung at about 60 mph. Everyone is feeling happy that the seminar is over and its now time to bring out the food, cameras and rubber bands.

This morning my day started when the alarm went off at six o'clock. I had to get up and be checked out of my room by nine-thirty. At ten o'clock we gathered in the dining room for a time of worship. Luke Kallberg led us in some songs and Dr. Chen spoke to us and challenged us to lead lives that 'show to the world a new approach to life'.

It was raining outside so after our worship service we went to the school in a caravan of taxies. After lunch we headed to our individual classrooms for our last six hours with our kids. We had the fun challenge of teaching impatient children the character quality of patience. We made frames and put in a scratch art paper for the picture. As the children drew their pictures on the scratch paper I explained to them how pain is important in our live. If we respond to pain in the right way God will often bless us with something beautiful.

The Parent Presentation

It was a surprise to see that during the dress rehearsal for the parent presentation for the first time during a large group we had some absolute silence! The parent presentation went well. No one fell off the stage and Karen did a great job of leading the children in the songs and verses. It was fun to see the parents enthusiastic response to their children performing on stage.

The 'mud melon' story was a riot. I was happy to see that no one got mad and attacked Rowan for not cutting the cantaloupe sooner. I could tell it was a long afternoon for everyone. Our last small group was filled with good byes. I challenged the children to remember to smile and to remember that Jesus loves them.

Cleanup went quickly and now we are on the Hosanna bus. Kaohsiung here we come!

Thank you Father for this past challenging weekend. Bless each one of the children we have interacted with. Continue to draw each of their hearts to yourself in the coming years. Protect each of their hearts and love them with your everlasting love.

—Ruth Strickler
ATI Student from PA