January 25, 2006—

I came on this trip to change others and be changed by God; that process has definitely started. As a continuation of the leadership series, this morning we watched a short video on mentoring. What is one lesson you've learned that you can start passing on this week? What three areas would you like to grow in on this trip, and who could mentor you in these areas? Challenging questions.

Instead of afternoon teacher training like usual, we all headed to the beach! Armed with sunglasses and beach balls we walked, bused, and ferried to Chichin Beach. Once there, we split into groups and spread out around the little shipping port. Most of my time was spent walking around the beach, watching Jeff film footage for a spy spoof, and absorbing the unusual sights of pet pigs, exotic seafood and more.

At 2pm everyone finished their football game, woke up, wrapped up lesson plans, and gathered up their shopping bags. On the other side of the harbor we stopped for some local strawberry ice. The mounds of yogurt ice cream on each person's plate was amazing and disappeared at a proportionate rate.

The Hockenstock Story

Rebecca Hung with her team

We arrived back at our hotel late, rushed into seminar attire and off to the church to prepare for the night. It's been a more difficult week for our team as various people started getting sick, and yet somehow God has given each of us the energy we need for each moment.

On my team is one little boy who has been a little more difficult; he had the attitude of "I don't want to be here and everyone will know it." Selfishly I didn't want him to come back again, but at the same time knew he needed to hear the truth. I determined to develop more of a relationship with him tonight, and I actually began to like him! That may sound terrible, but I somehow could not before. God gave me a love for him that night, and I started to see him not as where he failed but his potential to grow. The night ended with chocolate brownies and a well-earned sleep for all. Blessing in double form!

—Rebecca Hung
ATI Student from CA