February 1, 2006—

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God Psalm 20:7

Today was day one of the first Children's Institute ever held in Hong Kong. Our team was looking for God tonight, and we saw Him. During the past week or so many of us have been sick, or have experienced discouragement and despair. Some of our key people were losing their voices. Churches in Hong Kong didn't seem to be supporting the seminar. We had only nine full time intrepreters, but almost three hundred kids were signed up. It didn't look like this was going to be a good seminar.

But our God is big, and He delights in showing Himself strong. Every teacher I talked with tonight felt that this was a great day. God provided more intrepreters, and He prepared the kids for the messages they would hear. He gave the teachers the words to say and guided lessons in ways that hadn't been planned. Tonight we saw what prayer can do.

Assembling for large group

Kennan and Emily leading a team of 35+

I am excited about this CI. I know that God has a special plan for each one of the kids attending, and feel honored to be a part of it. God has chosen these kids and they have incredible potential to influence the future of Hong Kong, China, and the world. We know that these four days will make an impact on these kids that will change their lives. These days will also lay a foundation and pave the way for future ministry in Hong Kong.

Please continue to pray that God will guide our team and keep our eyes on Him. Pray that He will heal the ones who are sick, and will protect the rest of the team. Pray that He will fill us with Himself so that He can accomplish His purposes for the rest of the trip. Thank you, and God bless!!!

—Jane Protz
ATI Student from CA