February 6, 2006—

Give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids Proverbs 6:4
Despite the enourmous difficulty of obeying this Biblical command while still staying alive, I managed to do both today, as well as wake up in time to catch some of the Super Bowl, eat breakfast, and arrive nearly last at our team Wisdom Search.

Special thanks to Kennan for waking me up this morning by letting his alarm clock go off a considerable number of times more than once. I woke up before he did, but did not body-slam him. Instead, I utilized considerable self-control and repaid him good for evil. After all he did already receive his just reward.

Taipei as seen from the top of the world's tallest building

Up on the top

We took lunch at Chili's, where our table had a nice theological discussion which led into a discussion about horendous animal encounters. I don't know how. We spent the rest of the day at a large night market. I hunted for my own supper, finally finding it at the Seven Eleven back at the hotel. Besides that, I followed other people as they hunted for their food, shopped, and visited City Jungle.

—Ben Ko
ATI Student from OR