February 8, 2006—

Hey Cherry, it's my turn to write for the website! Guess you've had a long wait. Anyway, today started with a short video on how to be a better leader. When Wisdom Search was over, we went with our small group leader and headed out for lunch, our group ate Japanese food. Lunch was over and our leaders decided that we needed some exercise, so we walked all the whole way back from the restaurant to the hotel. Thankfully it wasn't too far and a breeze was blowing so the walk back wasn't bad.

We met in the hotel lobby 3:30pm and left for the seminar place arriving just in time for teacher's training. Brad did a little sharing about his teaching experience in Singapore a couple of years ago after roll call. He told us to forget about our lesson plan and to forget what we're going to teach. Instead we should look out for what the kid's needs are. With that we left and went to our team stations to prepare for the night.

Andy, Jessica, Amy and their team

One child's response in Large Group

Soon the doors were opened and we began teaching the children Authority and Obedience. They heard two stories for the night, the first was about a Faithful Sailor that obeyed his authorities and another about a Selfish Sailor that disregarded his authority's instructions. The second was about Pharaoh and the Ten Plagues. How when he disobeyed God, consequences came. Figured the kids must have had a great time from all the squeals and laughter. I mean when you have the world's most funniest pair of guys acting as the servants of Pharaoh, who wouldn't? So many thanks to Dan and Jeff.

We had a couple of minutes extra before the parents came to pick the kids us, so Andy started playing the game memory with them. They loved it so much that when their parents did come they were reluctant to leave. So we gently reminded them of tonight's lesson on obedience. It meant that they have to obey immediately, joyfully, completely, without complaining and also go the extra mile. Since a great number of them left kind of reluctantly that meant that we're going to get some pretty excited kids tomorrow night!

Just wanted to say thank you for all those who have been praying for the CIs. Though I must admit that I do miss a lot of friends that I've worked with in the CI last year, I would like to give you guys a little bit of encouragement for whatever you're going through. Go to God for help, because if He can help me pull through three seminars and still sustaining me in the fourth one, He can help you out with whatever you're going through. Just stand up, stay strong and give it your best and let God do the rest for you. Sir Ernest Shackleton once said: "For by endurance we shall conquer." I like to tweak that a bit "For by God's grace we shall conquer." That's all I have for right now, over and out.

—Jessica Lee
ATI Student from Hong Kong