February 9, 2006—

...O what a beautiful Morning...O what a beautiful day... This morning started out quite lovely. I actually made it to breakfast! I had the most wonderful Chinese thing for breakfast...yep...Toast...and it tasted just lovely. Wisdom search was at 10:00 and we had a great session by Dr. Meyers. After Wisdom search we all left for the Chiang Kai Shek memorial which was a totally awesome experience. We watched the changing of the guard at Chiang Kai Shek memorial which was just simply lovely. Only thing I can't figure out is...how one person could stand in one place for one hour without moving. But it was all still very lovely.

We left Chiang Kai Shek memorial and went to the Handi Craft Mart which is a very lovely little big store. I bought some lovely little things there as well as did many other lovely people. (If you haven't figured it out yet... lovely is my word for tonight... And I really think it is a lovely word.) We didn't shop for long though because most of us were hungry. So off I went with my lovely team to a lovely little restaurant called the Stone Bowl. Don't you think that is a lovely name for a restaurant? Any way I had a lovely meal of rice, chicken, vegetables and some seaweed on top. So that meal tasted just lovely. And NO I didn't eat the seaweed even though I've heard it tastes quite lovely.

Hockenstock characters

After lunch we left for the church to get ready for the seminar. I have two lovely assistants Preston and Betsy... You see Betsy brought these lovely things for me to try. (That is why she is a lovely assistant.) They were of a rice substance and had brown stuff in the middle. It took a lot of convincing before I would try one... and to my surprise they tasted lovely. So after that we went over the lesson plan together. We were teaching on truthfulness... and Preston was willing to teach the web of untruth. (Which is why he is a lovely assistant.) After going over the lesson plan it was time for Dinner... And a lovely dinner it was too...( I forget what we had!)...But it was still lovely...

6:00 the doors open I'm back to my lovely team station and making sure I am totally ready for the night. The Children started to arrive at 6:45. Preston, Betsy and I greeted them and started the lesson. Preston taught the web of untruth and a lovely job he did too. Large group was next and the children really enjoyed the Hockenstock story it is such a lovely story. The second small group I taught the taking thought captive lesson and it was just lovely. The children responded in a very lovely way. The second large group by fast and then we were back to my lovely team station to tell the lovely children goodbye as the parents picked them up.

Off we all went to the MRT to go back "home" and into our lovely beds we went... At least that is where we are suppose to be... Unless we are on the lovely computer writing about the lovely day. So now I am off to my own lovely bed to have a long lovely sleep.

—LeeAnn Martens
ATI Student from Michigan