A Troubled Bridge—

A troubled bridge, fallen into ruin
And where I stand I must pass this way soon
Dark waters flow, seeping from the ground
From what I see there is no one else around

What can be said, when words aren't enough?
What do you do, when you're doing too much?
Where do you go when going nowhere?
For what do you seek when you've sought everywhere?

I'm on the bridge, half-way here to there
The raindrops come, falling from mid-air
There must be hope, or I wouldn't come at all
Oh God in heaven, please answer my call


Flood waters rise, my bridge is washed away
I turn and go, for I cannot choose to stay
A still small voice, echoes in my ear
This is your way, so now onward with no fear


There is an answer a way to be found
When troubles are thick and your trials abound
There is a hope that will pay every cost
For not all who seek or who wander are lost

Final Chorus
I am the Word, when your words aren't enough
I called it done, when the doing was tough
I am the way, though you're going no where
All that you seek can be found where, I AM

This is a song I wrote in New Zealand and Australia in November 2005. It expresses the difficulty of moving on from a place of comfort into the unknown, of pursuing a path not yet visible, and of following after a Person and not a plan. The first public presentation of this song was for the Taiwan 2006 team on February 12, 2006 at our end of the trip party. May it be a challenge, an encouragement, a memory, and a hope as you seek after the One who is calling you to Himself each and every day.